Thorncliffe Park resident Abbas Kolia was listening to the radio on a quiet weekend afternoon when he caught wind of something that really hit home.

Federal electoral districts are being reassessed — and his neighbourhood of 32 years is in danger of being split into two ridings.

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Members of the Grenada Toronto Community Network (GTCN) were heading to Brooklyn, N.Y. to attend their New York chapter’s annual convention when the charter bus they were riding in flipped over the Interstate 80 exit ramp in New Jersey Saturday morning.

“It was so sudden,” said passenger and GTCN secretary Deanne Joseph. “I was sitting on the fifth row on the left side when it went around the corner and just lost control.”

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Even in his teens, Albert Lai always knew that if he was going to make a name in the tech world, he had to go to San Francisco.

Driving for the first time down Interstate 280 during the late 90’s, the 34-year-old Toronto native Lai recalled looking out his window, seeing green lawns flanked by giant brick and steel campuses the size of miniature cities and thinking, “I’ve found my place.”

Like him, hundreds of Ontarians flock to San Francisco’s Bay Area yearly — joining 350,000 Canadians, who according to The Globe and Mail, reside and work within the region— eager to try their fortune in the world’s largest tech mecca.

But the huge influx of Canadian employees leaving this country has created a gaping hole in the industry, creating a worrying tech brain drain.

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Before his death, Joshua Yasay was working to break the cycle of violence plaguing Toronto’s streets.

The 23-year-old Filipino man was a volunteer at the Learning Disabilities Association (LDA), where he coached basketball and tutored at-risk Scarborough youth who were once part of gangs.

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Instagram: a photo-sharing app used by more than 100 million users and acquired by Facebook for $1 billion despite virtually having no revenue.

Bufferbox: a one-year-old Waterloo-based company offering temporary parcel pick up stations for packages ordered online and bought by Google.

Color: another photo-sharing app that initially raised $41 million in funding on 2011 and pivoted to a video-sharing app only to announce its closure after failing to catch traction.

Though all different, the one thing these companies have in common is they’re still often referred to as start-ups — something that drives freelance journalist Matt Braga insane.

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Canada blindly returned around 300,000 skilled labourer job applications before 2008 in order to get rid off its immigration backlog.

As a Canadian immigrant, I’m scandalized by this brash decision because it goes against Canada’s identity and its century-long practice of inclusivity and fairness. I’m mindful about how this will affect the country’s reputation in the world stage. Not to mention, the backlash that the government will undoubtedly experience because of this ruling.

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I’ve been busy since November helping plan the Canadian Association of Journalist’s conference. I’m specifically working on the Ethnic Media panel.

The panel will explore the challenges of reaching a diverse audience like Canada’s. The event is scheduled on Friday, April 27 from 11:15-12:15 p.m.

Last day for registration is in April 27, would love to see you all there! However, if you’re unable to go, I will be liveblogging the event on Twitter.

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Born in India, raised in Scarborough, spent summers in Europe, and now living in L.A., composer Colin Aguiar has seen the world — and it resonates in his music.

Colin Aguiar has scored two Academy Award nominated films and recently composed the soundtrack for Rosie Takes the Train, an official Canadian Film Festival selection. He also wrote the music for critically acclaimed television series Traders and Harrison Bergeron.

Filmmaker Jigar Talati, who worked alongside Colin Aguiar in the Oscar nominated Fly, says Aguiar’s music is a “remix of sounds from different cultures.”

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Minister Kenney announced two days ago that all immigrants who apply to semi- or low-skilled jobs, and some who are coming to the country through the provincial nominee program, have to undergo mandatory language tests.

The new ruling, which will start on July, has gained much notoriety.

A lot of people, especially those who agree, have been making their opinions known and surprisingly, I’m one of them.

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I’m aspiring to work in the immigration beat and have been wondering if there any different interviewing techniques practiced when dealing with interviewees from different cultures.

Luckily, Sonia Verma gave me some answers.

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